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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brady Campaign Adds New Term to Anti-gun Lexicon

Figuring they had so much success in the '90s with "Assault Weapons," the anti-rights crowd has coined the term "Assault Clips" to describe what they previously referred to as "high capacity magazines."  The Brady Campaign has started running ads urging President Obama to be more engaged in the effort to ban the so-called "assault clips."

Obama's earlier effort to focus on gun control seems to have fizzled. In late March, Department of Justice staff met with gun control groups and representatives of various law enforcement groups, with both groups speaking from the same talking points. However the hoped-for meeting with pro-rights groups was never scheduled once the NRA publicly declined the invitation and a much touted meeting with retailers was abruptly cancelled and rescheduled for April 26th.

We shall see if "assault clips" is easily adopted by the anti-rights lap dogs in the media the way assault weapons was picked up.

Gun control group challenges Obama on clips - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

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