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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Could Tim Kaine Be Convinced to Run for Webb's Seat

The Hill has more on Webb's decision not to run for reelection.
Part of the reason Republicans are favored to win is that Democrats don’t have a strong candidate — at least not yet.

The leading choice is Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tim Kaine, a popular former governor of Virginia.

Kaine has said both privately and publicly that he’s not interested in running for the Senate, but party leaders will launch a heavy lobbying effort to get him into the race.
For all of Kaine's faults (not just as they relate to his anti-rights record) he is a family man and he genuinely likes Richmond.  His children attend city schools, and his wife has ties to the city that go back to when her father, Linwood Holton, was Governor.  In the end, Kaine may be able to be convinced to put party ahead of his personal interests, but if bets were placed, odds would probably favor he has no appetite for Washington and prefers his more quiet existence in Richmond.

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