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Friday, November 12, 2010

Three Firearms Bills Prefiled at General Assembly

Legislation for the coming session of the General Assembly has begun to surface.  There are currently three bills filed that have an impact on gun owners and sportsmen. They are:

HB 995 Firearms; purchaser may present military identification card or concealed handgun permit.

HB 1411 Reckless handling of firearms; revocation of hunting license.

HB 1422 Homestead exemptions; adds one family firearm, not to exceed $3,000 value, to list of exemptions.

HB 995 and HB 1422 are clearly pro-rights.  More information is needed regarded HB 1411 to determine why Delegate Tony Wilt feels this is needed. Currently, a first offense results in a revocation for a period of one year to life and a second offense results in a revocation for an additional period not to exceed five years.  Delegate Wilt's bill would make the minimum penalty for a first offense 5 years.  On it's face, it is hard to argue that someone who is convicted of recklessly handling a firearm should be punished but with most things legislative, this bill has the potential to have unintended consequences.  Stay tuned as VSSA learns more about this bill and for more bills to be prefiled.

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