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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Locality Sees Decline in Gun Sales and Carry Permits

The Virginia Gazette ran this story over the weekend about firearms sales levels and applications for concealed handgun permits (CHPs) leveling off somewhat in the Williamsburg area. The Sheriff and Circuit Court clerks office noted that in 2007 they processed 356 permits. Last year that number almost doubled, to 615. This year is trending more to just a little more than 500. The Sheriff noted that renewals are down this year too.

A local gun shop owner said it's not because the desire is not there:

But according to George Christy, who runs G&L Arms on Mooretown Road, the desire for guns and concealed carry permits hasn’t waned. “The fears are not gone, but the money is,” he said in an interview Friday.

He said gun rights advocates still believe the Obama administration wants to impose
additional gun laws, despite making no attempt to do that so far.

Christy also noted that as supplies have caught up to demand on sporting rifles, the prices have come back down to earth.

My sense is there is probably a little bit of what both the sheriff and Christy mentioned playing into current sales and CHP application numbers. Those that wanted them now have them (CHPs), and the economy is probably finally catching up to the firearms industry. At any rate, while sales may have come back down to a more "normal" number, normal is probably going to be defined by a higher number than in the past.

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