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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Justice Kennedy to Stay Through End of Obama First Term

CQ Politics is shares this via the New York Daily News morning that Justice Kennedy, who is 74, plans to stay on the court at least another three years.

"That means Kennedy will be around to provide a fifth vote for the court's conservative bloc through the 2012 presidential election. If Obama loses, Kennedy could retire and expect a Republican President to choose a conservative justice."

Interesting that the NY Daily News headline was "Bad News for Obama: Conservative Justice Kennedy tells pals he's in no rush to leave Supreme Court."

Just one more sign pointing to the high stakes of the 2012 election. If you need a reminder, re-read Dave Kopel's article in last week's Washington Times.

Perhaps the most startling aspect of the Supreme Court opinions in McDonald v. Chicago was the dissenters' assault on District of Columbia v. Heller. Not only did Justice Stephen G. Breyer vote against extending the Second Amendment to state and local governments, he also argued forcefully and at length for overturning Heller and, therefore, for turning the Second Amendment into a practical nullity.

If ever there were a call to arms regarding what is at stake in the next presidential election, it is the make up of the Supreme Court and how a second Obama term could alter the current small originalist majority for a generation and almost overnight overturn the victories of the last three years.

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Cargosquid said...

Let us pray for his continued health and well being.