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Monday, June 14, 2010

More on York County Shooting Ordinances

I posted last night that the York County Board of Supervisors will consider amendments to their ordinance dealing with the discharge of a firearm. After further review, the most troubling part of the proposal is the change related to discharge near a school. The draft includes a prohibition of any firearms discharge on property that is within 300 feet of the perimeter property line of a County school site and a requirement that the school be notified by personal oral communication (not merely by answering machine) of any intention to discharge firearms in the 300 feet to 1,000 feet distant zone around a school site. This provision is troubling as it changes the status quo for those who had a home or property in a location and a school was built next door to the home/land owner's property at some point after the owner purchased the property. Of the changes being proposed, this is the part that VSSA opposes the strongest.

Please attend tomorrow night's meeting if you are a York County resident. It should be noted that tomorrow night's meeting is not a discussion of whether to repeal the existing ordinance, it is to approve of disapprove the proposed amendments to the ordinance. Gun owners should focus their comments on the specific parts of the proposals they oppose and not get sidetracked in a discussion of an issue that is not being considered. It is okay to say you oppose the proposed amendments because the Sheriff states he has never charged anyone under the local ordinance but speakers should not get sidetracked in a discussion of repealing the current ordinance because that is not what is being considered tomorrow.

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