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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Police Chiefs Urge McDonnell to Veto Restaurant Ban Repeal

The Virginia Pilot reported today ( that the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police have asked Governor McDonnell to veto SB334, Senator Hanger's bill to repeal the ban on carrying concealed in restaurant like Applebees and Olive Garden that serve alcohol in addition to food.

Governor McDonnell's Office reaffirmed that the Governor will stand with law-abiding gun owners and sign the bill.

The head of the association raised the specter of out of controlled bar fights ending in gun fire. This brings back memories of the dire predictions of those opposed to concealed carry reform 15 years ago, who said "Blood would run in the streets" if shall issue concealed carry passed.

Over 30 states currently allow concealed carry permit holders to carry in restaurants like Applebees and Olive Garden with few if any incidents of violence materializing.

The chiefs association was one of the major opponents of the bills that we're vetoed by Tim Kaine the last two years. The Pilot reported the association was stretched too thin trying to preserve funding for police departments to lobby hard against the bill this year.

Hat tip to VA-Alert.

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