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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Restaurant Ban Repeal Up for Vote

Live blogging debate on the bill.

The Senate is now debating repeal of the restaurant ban. Senator Hanger, the patron, is now speaking for the bill.

Senator Dave Marsden is now opposing the bill, stating that he "was originally going to support it but now that we have adopted SB 408, we no longer need to allow this." (That seems to be some screwy logic to me).

Senator McEachin from Richmond is now asking how will we know if the person carrying and consumes alcohol, what would be the enforcement mechanism.

Hanger is giving a very good response.

Senator Whipple is now asking, has it occurred to these women who said they were afraid to go to a bar without their firearm that they not go?

Senator Hanger reminded Ms. Whipple that we are not talking about bars.

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