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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Good Day for Gun Owners

A number of bills were acted on in this last day before "Crossover." A list of bills follows.

HB 490, a bill requiring the State Police to develop a plan for lifetime concealed handgun permits passes House 78-20.

HB 236, Delegate Janis' bill that protects hunting near subdivisions in rural areas passes the House 79-19.

HB 854, Castle Doctrine, passed the House 75-24.

HB 171, allowing firearms in locked containers passes the House 72-27.

HB 79, a bill limiting access to CHP application information at the Circuit Court Clerk's office passes 87-10.

HB 49, Repeal of one handgun-a-month passed the House by a vote of 61 -37.

SB 334, repeal of the "Restaurant Ban" passed the Senate.

SB 408, allowing firearms in locked containers passes the Senate.

With cautious optimism, it is probably safe to say that gun owners will see repeal of the restaurant ban and firearms in locked containers in cars and boats without the requirement of a CHP, signed into law as they both have passed each house of the legislature. All of the other house bill still have to clear the Senate and many will face opposition. A complete update will be emailed later this evening.

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