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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Handgun Owners Win Right to Pack in Luggage on Amtrak

CQ Politics reported today that Amtrak riders will be able to pack handguns in their checked luggage within a year thanks to a provision included in the final version of the fiscal 2010 omnibus spending bill.

The Senate-passed Transportation-HUD spending bill included language sponsored by Sen. Roger Wicker , R-Miss., that would have required Amtrak to allow passengers to carry handguns in checked bags by March.

The language included in the final version, which was agreed to last night by House-Senate negotiators, retains the directive, but gives Amtrak a year to implement it.

“This is an important victory for sportsmen and gun owners across the country,
and it affirms congressional support of the Second Amendment,” Wicker said in a
statement Wednesday. “Airline passengers in our country are allowed to transport
firearms in secure, checked baggage when declared during the check-in process.
Law-abiding gun owners who choose to travel on America’s taxpayer-subsidized
rail line should be given the same right.”

Thanks to Senator Wicker for standing up for law abiding gun owners.

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