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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Still No Mention of Second Amendment on Deeds Web Site

Creigh Deeds has not shied away from answering questions about his record on Second Amendment issues. He actually has a pretty good record with the exception of two recent votes I posted about yesterday. So, given he freely answers questions on the subject, one has to wonder why he does not mention his record on the issue on his campaign web site. The web site doesn't even mention the all encompassing "Sportsmen" issues.

I guess one reason could be that both he and McDonnell said at a recent candidate's debate that they did not believe "social" issues would play a major role in this year's campaign. But McDonnell has a Second Amendment page on the Issues section of his web site and Deeds has started to attack McDonnell on another "divisive" social issue. One might say that there is virtually no difference between the two candidates on the issue so emphasize where there are differences.

But, most believe this will be another close election so why no mention of an issue that speaks to a constituency that by all past experience can be energized to turn out for a candidate who speaks to their concerns?

Just asking.

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