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Monday, August 3, 2009

NPR Says US Gun Laws to Blame for Mexican Smugglers

It only took National Public Radio two lines in this story to let the reporter's bias show.

For years, Mexican drug traffickers have used gun stores and gun shows in the U.S. as their weapons supermarkets. The world's most murderous drug mafias operate on a border with a country that has the most permissive gun laws in the developed world.
And, not surprisingly, they recite the often debunked "90%" of illegal guns in Mexico originated in the U.S. garbage. Crediting a Government Accountability Office report doesn't make the false statistic accurate. David Codrea did a good job of taking apart the GAO study shortly after it was released.

The reporter hits all of the Brady Campaign talking points:

Relaxed reporting requirements for arms purchases make it difficult for his agents. For instance, if you buy two handguns within five days, the dealer must report it to the ATF. But you can buy all the rifles you want, and the dealer doesn't have to report it.

Ammo is not just untraceable, ... it's virtually unregulated.

Mexico has asked the U.S. not just to pursue gun traffickers on the border, but change the laws. But so far, the Obama administration has shown little interest in taking on the gun lobby.
Our tax dollars pay for this one sided reporting. Local NPR affiliates from time to time do some good shows on the issue of gun rights - offering debates between pro and anti-rights representatives. But this story is nothing but propaganda for the anti-rights crowd.

Hat tip to Alphecca.

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