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Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Gun Control Talk from Moran

Less than a week away from the Democratic Primary, the candidates for Governor participated in a Politico sponsored Battleground Virginia Forum. According to Politico, Brian Moran used the opportunity to enhance his creds on several issues - including gun control.

Playing to his party’s liberal base in vote-rich Northern Virginia, where the interview aired Wednesday night, Moran ...voiced support for stricter gun laws...

Moran noted that, unlike Deeds, he backed one-gun-per-month legislation...
According to Politico, Deeds has been surging in recent polls (as much as you can poll a primary since it is hard to craft a turn out model in Virginia for such elections). Moran, who once thought he had an almost clear path to the nomination because he could run up large totals in his home Northern Virginia is now in danger of finishing third and has turned to attacking his two opponents where he thinks they will be vulnerable with the more liberal voters that may make up those who turn out for the primary Tuesday.

While Moran went on the attack, Deeds and McAuliffe stuck to their campaign themes of electability (Deeds) and jobs (McAuliffe).

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