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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gun Owners Guide to Democratic Primary Pt. 2

Yesterday I provided some information on the three candidates running for the Democratic nomination for Governor. Today I will provide some information about where the candidates for the other contested race, Lt. Governor, stand on Second Amendment related issues. Only one of the three have held elective office and that individual has only held local office and has no voting record on firearm related issues. With that in mind, here is some information from the candidates based on responses at a candidates forum as reported in a recent edition of the Vienna Connection.

Jody Wagner - Ms. Wagner served as Governor Tim Kaine's Secretary of Finance and as Governor Warner's State Treasurer. She ran for the 2nd Congressional District seat in 2000 and was rated a "?" by the NRA because she did not return the candidate questionnaire. According to NRA, failing to return the questionnaire is often an indication of indifference, if not outright hostility, to gun owners' and sportsmen's rights. Below are Ms. Wagner's responses to questions related to firearms and gun laws when asked during a forum sponsored by the Democratic Women of Clifton on April 19.

"We should have background checks on everything. There is no reason why we can’t do an instant background check."

"It is very hard for me to understand why someone would need a concealed gun in a restaurant or bar."

"The gun laws we have on the books are generally adequate."

Jon Bowerbank: Mr Bowerbank is a member of the Russell County Board of Supervisors. Below is what the Vienna Connection reported as his responses during the Clifton candidate forum:

Bowerbank was more vague about whether he would vote to close what some people call the “gun show loop hole.” He said he couldn’t answer the question specifically because he couldn’t see the bill he would be voting on.

Bowerbank backed off the next question about whether they would support a law that would allow gun owners with “concealed carry” permits to wear their weapon concealed in a bar or restaurant where alcohol was served.

“I don’t think we need firearms on campus,” said Bowerbank.

Mike Signer - Mr. Signer is a "Political Strategist" and has not previously held elective office. Here what the Vienna Connection reported as he responses to the firearm related questions:

“[Gun issues] are so divisive. It could cost us the election,” said Signer, who wants the Democratic Party to focus on other topics.

Signer said he was not personally comfortable with the idea of guns on school grounds or college campuses, but that he would be willing to listen to people who come from other parts of the state and have a different view on the issue.

“Progressives have been losing every battle on guns for years.”

In short, gun owners don't have a lot from which to to choose in the group of candidates running for Governor and Lt. Governor. The best that can be said about the Democratic candidates is that Creigh Deeds is a friend to gun owners much more than not. But given he was persuaded to flip on us with an emotional plea based on the Virginia Tech shootings regarding background checks on private sales, I'm not willing to bet my gun rights that the won't do the same when it comes to repealing the "Restaurant Ban" or some other 2nd Amendment related issue.

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