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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Primary Returns

With 3.8% of the precincts (94 of 2,504) reporting

Deeds 54.09% (4,948 votes)
McAuliffe's 23.06% (2,110)
Moran 22.83% (2,089)

Hanover County House District 55 Republican Primary - 2 of 28 precincts (7.142%) reporting
John A. Cox 58.71% - (128 )
R. E. "Rusty" McGuire 34.40% - (75)
Jerry F. Burch, Jr. 6.88% - (15)

Update: Looking at some rural counties, (Appomattox, Buchanan, Buckingham, Carrol,) Deeds is doing well.

Deeds is going to walk away with Chesterfield County - 67 of 69 precincts in and Deeds has 51.91% of the vote. Turn out in my home county was a little over 4%.

7:36 PM: McAuliffe was counting on heavy turnout among black voters. The city of Petersburg has Moran up 45 -35 over McAuliffe with 2 of 8 precincts reporting.

Radford City went big for Deeds. All three precincts have reported and Deeds won the city with 73.65% of the vote. 5% turnout.

7:40 PM: Deeds is racking up big margins in rural areas that have counted all the votes. Staunton gives Deeds 77.62%, Salem 64.66%

7:52 PM: With 50% of precincts reporting Deeds has 50% of the vote. May be a good night for Deeds and a bad night for using gun control as a last minute attack.

8:57 PM: Power outage due to storm resolved. Deeds is winning all but the 3rd District. Declared winner during the power outage. Shows money can't buy everything. McAuliffe certainly did not get what he paid for.

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