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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Juan Williams Calls for End to "Lock and Load Mania"

Yep, so says the Fox News political analyst. Williams is just one of many who equate the Second Amendment right to keep and bears with the privilege to drive a car.

Newsflash Juan - The Second Amendment guarantees a God given right. A license to drive is simply a way for the government to exact a tax through a fee -thus the predictable increase in the fee every time there is a budget shortfall (at least in the Commonwealth).

At least Mr. Williams is honest. He freely admits he would ban all guns for private use if he had the opportunity (though he claims to support the "sporting use of firearms as long as they are kept on military bases or at places where target shooting is practiced). That is more than can be said by the various anti-rights groups pushing for "reasonable" gun regulations.

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