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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Democratic Candidates for Governor and Gun Shows

All three candidates for Governor appeared at a debate in Blacksburg Wednesday night and all said they supported requiring background checks on private sales at gun shows. The three candidates are State Sen. R Creigh Deeds, former Democratic national chairman Terry McAuliffe and former House of Delegates Democratic Caucus leader Brian Moran.

Until this year, Deeds has consistently supported gun owners on this issue but it appears he believes to win the nomination he has to shift his position.

Moran took the opportunity point out Deeds is that voted earlier this month to override Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's veto of a bill that allows people with concealed weapons permits into restaurants that serve alcohol.

Moran is a little inconsistent too. He was working real hard to up his NRA rating a few years ago when he went from a "D" candidate for the House of Delegates in 2003 to a "B-" in 2005 and an "A" in 2007, likely in the hopes of helping his planned run for Governor. Who knew then that Terry McAuliffe would jump in the race and Moran would have to share the stage with someone from his home turf.

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