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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Congressman Cantor Targeted

Congressman Eric Cantor represents the 7th Congressional District of Virginia. The VSSA office is located in the 7th District and Cantor has always been a good friend to gun owners going back to his days in the Virginia General Assembly. I have also had the good fortune of knowing him for a over a two decades and call him a friend. So you can imagine my glee when I see stories like this.

Apparently, making Rush Limbaugh public enemy number one has only provided limited benefits for the Obama minions - Cantor has now become the new villain to a portion of the political class in- and outside of the Beltway. And those who oppose Cantor are trying to make him an appendage of Limbaugh.

Even Speaker Pelosi is a little testy over Cantor. Seems he has gotten under her skin for using some of the same techniques she once used when she was in the minority. Payback can be tough.

Cantor is one of the good guys. He has been there for gun owners when we needed him and has an NRA "A" rating. I for one am happy VSSA's congressman is getting all of this attention. Keep up the good work Congressman Cantor.

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