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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Busy Day for Gun Bills at General Assembly

Bills on the floor in the Senate today.

Third Reading Regular Calendar and final passage:

HB 2528, Delegate Mark Cole's bill targeting "compensated confiscation" schemes is on the Senate Calendar today for a final vote. This bill was passed by for the day yesterday. Call you Senator and urge him or her to vote for this bill - it may say localities money in these tough budgetary times. UPDATE - Passed Senate 21Y - 18N then Senator Stolle moved to have vote reconsidered. Motion agreed to. Senator Stolle offered an amendment. Amendment agreed to passed by for the day.

Second Reading

HB 1851, Delegate Lingamfelter's bill exempting active duty military from handgun rationing (one handgun a month). (Regular Calendar) UPDATE - Constitutional Reading dispensed and advanced to Third Reading

HB 2144, Delegate Nutter's bill codifying the AG’s opinion that closed the CHP list from dissemination by the Virginia State Police. The information will still be available at individual circuit courts. (Uncontested Calendar) UPDATE- Constitutional Reading dispensed and advanced to Third Reading

HB 2178, Delegate Ed Scott's bill related to convicted felons possessing ammunition. The bill was amended in committee making possession a felony instead of a misdemeanor as it passed the House. If it passes the Senate in this form it will have to be reconciled in a conference committee. (Uncontested Calendar) UPDATE- Constitutional Reading dispensed and advanced to Third Reading

In the House, the following bills are on Third Reading in the House.

SB 1035, Senator Hanger's bill repealing the "restaurant ban". This bill was amended in committee and if it passes the House the Senate will have to concur with the removal of the notification requirement or the bill will go to a conference. (Regular Calendar) UPDATE - Committee Amendments rejected, amended on floor, passed 66-Y 33-N

SB 1383, Senator Stolle's bill repealing Virginia's statute related to firearm silencers. Federal would still apply (Uncontested Calendar). UPDATE - Passed 99Y - 0N

SB 1513, Senator Smith's bill awarding court costs, etc., to entity that prevails in action challenging locality that pass ordinances in violation of preemption. (Regular Calendar) UPDATE - Passed 84Y-13N

SB 1528, Senator Cuccinelli's bill making it clear that the required training for a concealed handgun permit may be on-line training. (Uncontested Calendar) UPDATE - Passed 99Y - 0N

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