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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Virginia and South Carolina Agree to CHP Reciprocity

For Virginia gun owners who like to vacation in South Carolina, the Virginia State Police have acknowledged that Virginia now has full reciprocity with South Carolina. South Carolina has not updated their web site yet so you may want to wait until that has occurred before carrying but the state has acknowledged receipt of the signed agreement from Virginia.

Hat tip to VA-Alert.

Update - 9/25/08 Virginia is now listed on South Carolina's reciprocity web site. Reciprocity is only with Virginia Permit Holders that are Virginia Residents.

1 comment:

Long and Foster said...

This is good news, thanks for helping to spread the word. The last time I was in Beauford to visit my son who was stationed at the Marine Base there I had to borrow a gun to do some target shooting. I'm glad that next time I vacation there I'll be able to bring one of my own without having any worries.