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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Man Carrying Gun Legally Causes Stir on Richmond Transit Bus

I have come to expect this in Northern Virginia where many in the population are transplants from areas less gun friendly but I would have thought it would have caused less of a stir in Richmond. The Richmond Times Dispatch web site is reporting that Richmond police "scrambled in several parts of the city" shortly after 10:00 am this morning upon receiving reports of a man with a gun on a GRTC Transit System bus.

The police found the man in question 15 minutes later on East Broad Street and guess what! They discovered that the man was legally carrying the handgun. The news story said that was after a few "anxious moments" trying to determine which bus it was, where it was and whether there was actually a gunman aboard. Note to the uninformed, most criminals don't intent on doing harm don't usually carry a gun in a holster in plain site.

The incident is more evidence the pro-rights supporters need to work to educate the public that when an individual is seen carrying a firearm openly, it does not automatically mean the individual is up to no good.

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