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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kaine Veto of SB 436 and SB 476 Sustained

The Senate voted on whether to sustain or override anti-gun Governor Kaine's veto of SB 436 and SB 476. Both votes failed as SB 436 died on a 25-15 vote. This is a switch of six votes from original passage. But when you look at those switchers, most of them are usually anti-gun legislators, or at least not folks we could count on to be on our side more than occasionally (Barker - NRA "D" rating, Colgan - NRA "D" rating, Yvonne Miller - NRA "F" rating, Northam NRA "C-" rating, Petersen - NRA "C" rating, Whipple - NRA "F" rating) that would not have been expected to vote for this type of legislation in the first place.

SB 476 died on a 22-18 vote with two votes switching, the usually anti-gun Colgan switched and southwest Virginia Senator Philip Puckett voting to sustain the veto. Senator Puckett used to be a reliably pro-gun vote but only received a "C" rating from the NRA in 2007.

Both bills are dead for the session. VSSA would like to thank State Senators Vogel and Hanger for their leadership on both of these commonsense proposals, and for their willingness to stand up for Virginia's law-abiding firearm owners! We'd also like to express our appreciation for those State Senators and Delegates who supported both of these measures and worked to protect your right to self-defense, as well as for the thousands of VSSA Members and gun owners across the Commonwealth who contacted their elected officials in support of these measures. Please take time and thank your Senator or Delegate if they voted to support your right to self defense. Also, continue to let Governor Kaine know how you feel about his having vetoed these commonsense bills.

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