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Monday, February 4, 2008

Bart Hinkle Nails It

The Virginia Center for Public Safety, the latest place from which former lobbyist Robert "Bob" Ricker draws a pay check, recently sent out an email in full panic mode over HB 710 - Virginia's version of the "Castle Doctrine" legislation. Hinkle posted a blog comment about the email and nails it when he asks the rhetorcal question "And that would be wrong because. . . ?"

Hinkle writes "The obvious problem with applying the duty to retreat to the homeowner is that, inside his domicile, the homeowner already has retreated. He has closeted himself away from the outer world inside what should be his zone of privacy and security. To demand that he then retreat even further (where to? a closet? a panic room?) is absurd."

Well said.

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