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Thursday, January 3, 2008

VDGIF Hunting with Hounds Study Getting More Attention

I posted on this earlier and since that time, discussion on the Internet among hunters as well as a couple of comments on the earlier post merits another mention. Those who hunt with dogs are very concerned about the process DGIF has created for this debate. The Virginia Deer Hunters Association has a vested interest in this and they sent a letter to their membership in mid 2007 pointing out that a small hand full of unethical individuals are partly to blame for this situation. The vast majority of hunters using hounds are ethical and respect the private property of others. Unfortunately, they are caught up in this and will suffer from any ill effects. But hunters using hounds are also experiencing something that gun owners have been feeling the effects of for the last several years - people new to rural life, complaining about noise - in this case noisy hounds. This article ran on Christmas Eve in the Richmond Times Dispatch and is pretty balanced. This editorial ran on News Years Eve in the Roanoke Times and as usual, has the Times anti-slant with a swipe at hunters, calling them a "paranoid bunch."

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