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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's Official - Kaine Introduces Gun Show Loophole Bill

Today, Governor Tim Kaine made it official, flanked by family of Virginia Tech victims and introduced his legislation to close the non-existant "gun show loophole." In his announcement he said, “It is long past time to apply existing Virginia law to every firearm sale at a gun show. It is wrong for felons, or domestic abusers constrained by protective orders, or people with serious mental illnesses who are likely to harm themselves or others to be able to buy a gun, and we must close this loophole.”

The problem is, study after study has proven that felons are not getting guns at gun shows. Facts apparently don't mean a lot to those whose desire it is to find a scape goat. That is what gun shows are when it comes to what happened at Virginia Tech.


Dan said...

And gun shows had exactly what to do with the VT tragedy ?

VSSA President said...

Our point exactly Dan.