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Monday, January 14, 2008

Gun Banners Plan Lobbying Day on January 21st

The gun ban lobby in Virginia will be lobbying the General Assembly on January 21st in an effort to get them to, in their words:

  1. "Close the Gun Show Loophole so that criminals and other dangerous individuals cannot buy guns at these events without undergoing a background check."
  2. "Keep guns out of our schools and off college campuses in the Commonwealth."
  3. "Strengthen the federal background check database so that those who should be disqualified from buying guns are disqualified."
The gun ban lobby day is being organized by the Virginia Center for Public Safety, The Virginia Misled Mommies Chapters (also known as the Million Mom March), and some outfit known as

If you have the day off, and would like to play a part in protecting our gun rights, I urge you to come to the state capitol and visit your legislator and members of the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee as well as the Senate Courts of Justice Committee and urge them to protect our Second Amendment Rights. Gun owners need to make sure that legislators know that the gun ban lobby does not speak for us. If you can't make it to Richmond on the 21st, pick up the phone and call your legislator and tell them to protect your gun rights and to oppose any bill that infringes on those rights.

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