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Monday, October 29, 2007

Virginia Democratic Party Hit FitzSimmonds on Guns

Bob FitzSimmonds is running against Democratic State Senator Charles "Chuck" Colgan for the 29th District seat in the Virginia Senate. Senator Colgan is no friend of gun owners while FitzSimmonds, who has served as a legislative aide to Delegate Scott Lingamfelter and Senator Ken Cuccinelli, is pro-gun. The Democratic Party of Virginia has sent a similar mailer out against Fitzsimmonds as was sent by the party against Senator Cuccinelli.

Colgan says he does not see anything sent out by the Party until it is public. Such mailings are called indendendant expenditures and thus cannot be coordinated with the candidate. I guess the best proof of this is the fact that they also hit FitzSimmonds for being against abortion. Thing is, so is Senator Colgan.

You can read the article about this latest attack on a pro-gun candidate here. If you live in the 29th Senate District, please contact the FitzSimmonds campaign by calling 703-393-8939 and ask how you can help in the last week of the campaign.

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