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Monday, October 22, 2007

Roanoke Times Says No to Showmasters' Ad

I think most Virginia gun owners know that the Roanoke Times is not gun friendly. All you have to do is recall how they put the personal information of 135,000 CHP holders on their web site without regard for whether some of those permit holders were trying to keep hidden from abusive former spouses or former boyfriends. Well, now they have told one of their local businesses, Showmasters Gun Shows, that their business ads are no longer welcome.

I have never been one to promote or suggest boycotts. It is more effective to instead, keep copies of receipts where you purchase a product from a similar merchant, and then fax it to the corporate office of the business that tells you your guns are not welcome, accompanied with a note each time that says something like "I would have like to have purchased this product from your but you have a sign on your door that says I am not welcome because I carry a firearm." If every gun owner did this it would be something tangible that shows a merchant how much money they are losing because of their policy - much more so than just saying, I am going to boycott your business.

If you own a business and currently advertise in the Roanoke Times, consider finding an alternative method of advertising your business. After receiving the receipt for payment each time you purchase advertising, fax a copy of it to the Roanoke Times and let them know this could have been their ad if they had not started this new policy.

If you live around Roanoke, be sure to stop by the Roanoke gun show this weekend at the Roanoke Civic Center to show your support for Showmasters.

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