Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Election '21 Post Mortem - Freedom Won

In short, freedom won Tuesday night.  As I right this, the Virginia Public Access Project has called all three races for the GOP.  They also show that the GOP flipped control of the House of Delegates and now have a two seat majority.  Noted in those results is that Roanoke area Delegate Chris Hurst, a vocal advocate of gun control after the shooting of his girlfriend while doing a news story, lost by approximately 11 percent.

These wins put an abrupt stop to the race to make Virginia more like California.  Gun control is dead in the state legislature. for now.  There will be no McAuliffe gun ban.  There will be no so-called "ghost-gun" ban.  But, gun owners must also be prepared for no immediate roll back of the anti-rights laws that passed in 2020 with  the State Senate still controlled by the Democrats.  We likely won't see a concerted effort to roll back those laws until at least 2024, and then only if the GOP retains control of the House and flip at least one or more seats in the State Senate.

Turnout was higher in 2021 than in 2017, and that was driven by voters that favored the GOP candidates.  Clearly, Youngkin and the GOP House candidates did their job of turning out their voters.  And, when you look at the vote totals for the top three races, there was a large number of straight ticket voters as the totals for those candidates were very similar.

Take away from this election?  This is what happens when people turn out to vote.

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