Monday, March 8, 2021

Two Gun Control Bills Begin Moving in Congress

The House Rules Committee is hearing two gun control bills as this is being posted.  HR 8 and HR 1446, both of which would implement a national gun registry under the guise of a co-called "universal" background check, could advance out of committee today.  These are two of a trio of bills (that include an as of now untitled Senate bill). The Guns Ammo and Tactical Daily has this to say about HR 8:

In essence, H.R. 8 is stating that we should background check every firearm transfer mandatorily (which is an impossibility) because some private transfers are to prohibited individuals. They would like to combine that with removing the Brady Transfer Date so that transfers only occur after a ‘completed’ background check in a system that does not complete all background checks. There is no reasonable enforcement mechanism that will increase the efficacy over current standings, you can already voluntarily seek out a background check transfer at an FFL if you want to for sale of a firearm, or certain states have a lawful listed preemption of the requirement based on a license or certification.

In short, the ability of someone to use NICS to check a private sale already exists on a voluntary basis. Making it legally compulsory will not make that access easier or more convenient, which is why many people don’t use it right now. There is no reasonable way to know, from a law enforcement perspective, if a check took place prior to a crime. Nor is it overly relevant to the investigation of the current crime whether or not a background check took place, whether or not the alleged perpetrator was a prohibited or non-prohibited individual is just and additional charge to the crime that took place now is being investigated now.

The Firearms Policy Coalition has more on this trio of bills:

These bills are all designed to implement a nationwide registry of your firearms, setting the stage for gun confiscation.

The floodgates have opened on gun registry legislation, with three bills introduced in one day designed to force Universal Background Checks on gun transfers. And one of these anti-gun bills - HR 8 - already has support from Republicans. 

Contact your Representative now and urge them to oppose HR8 and HR1446.

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