Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Federal Legislation HR127 is Bad News

In days gone by, bills like HR127 didn't have a prayer of moving beyond an anti-rights controlled House of Representatives and was usually only fodder for some groups to use to raise money.  That was then.  Now the Senate is evenly divided with a Vice President Kamala Harris set to cast tie-breaking votes.  While two Democrats have said they won't vote to nuke the filibuster, which makes 60 votes necessary to move legislation, don't bet that Charles "Schmucky" Schumer won't exert pressure if he really wants something.  This is just the type of gun ban bill Schumer has been waiting for. 

In short, here is what HR127 would do, courtesy of the Firearms Policy Coalition:

Summary: Establishes a nationwide gun registry that is searchable by the general public, mandates licensing to own or possess a firearm and requires a psychological evaluation prior to obtaining such a license, and institutes magazine & gun bans.

Here is what Colion Noir said about the bill:

Contact you Representative and urge them to oppose HR127.

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