Thursday, December 3, 2020

Blacksburg Town Council to Consider Ban on Firearms in Public Buildings and Permitted Events

 Blacksburg is the latest to take advantage of the gaping hole the Govenror and General Assembly created in Virginia's pre-emption statute.  The Roanoke Times has the story.

Blacksburg Town Council is set to act on a proposed ordinance to ban the carrying of firearms inside public buildings and on streets being used for festivals, among other places.

If passed, the ordinance would make Blacksburg one of just a handful of Virginia localities that have taken such action—something that localities can now do based on a local option measure passed by the General Assembly earlier this year and that took effect in July.

The council could take a vote on the matter at its Jan. 12 meeting.
If you live in Blacksburg you should contact council members now and let them know you oppose this proposed ordinance.

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