Friday, May 1, 2020

This Year's General Assembly Gun Grab Was Just Round One

VSSA has warned that this year's legislative attack on our freedom was just round one.  According to gun ban advocate Lori Haas and Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran, besides another attempt at banning commonly owned semi-automatic firearms, they have a whole list of things lined up for next year.  They appeared on a left-leaning podcast in mid-April called "Transition Virginia".  During the interview, Haas said her group, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV), is already working with legislators to pass a ban next year.  Pointing to the 4th Circuit ruling upholding Maryland's semi-auto ban,  Moran said so-called "assault weapons" are not protected under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is no surprise that Moran pointed to Maryland because that is model that the patron of HB961, Delegate Mark Levine, pointed to when promoting his bill this session.

You can hear the Haas and Moran interview here.  If gun ban groups are already working legislators to pass a semi-auto ban, gun owners need to be doing the same thing.  We can't wait until January.

Hat-tip NRA-ILA.


Tim said...

Great, so what is our battle plan to halt this? Last years lobby day was huge, and I'm sure lobby day 2021 will be even bigger. But the Democrats to seem to notice or care. November 2021 is still a ways off.

Jason SW VA said...

I do not see the 2019 lobby day as unnoticed, but more than noticed. The counter-gun culture characterized the participants as dangerous fanatics, with catastrophe averted by some miracle, e.g. the governor's call to restrict access in the area of the capitol and law enforcement investigation of one case of threats, highlighted ad nauseum in the media.

Uncle Wayne at the NRA is sending oft-repeated emails telegraphing their financial impotence to combat any more attacks, so yeah, what's the plan?