Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Realizing What Happens When You Don't Vote

A VSSA member replied to the last legislative update with an email that said this:
I am a VSSA member and did vote in this last election. I think we’re going to get creamed if we don’t get everybody out to vote next time. I’m surprised when I speak with people now after what’s happened & that they’re not even registered to vote or don’t know how.

Question for you, can we please put on the VSSA site front page a link on how to register or where to register to vote?
To answer the questions, a link will be put on the VSSA web site. But to the larger point, this member was willing to identify (by name) as one of what is likely thousands of gun owners who did not vote last year and are now seeing the result of that inaction.  The question is, how many of the others are now willing to do next time what they did not do in 2019?

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