Tuesday, March 24, 2020

NSSF Resources for Gun Owners and FFLs During Wuhan Coronavirus

In light of Governor Northam's Executive Order related to "non-essential" businesses, it is a good opportunity to take stock of what this means for gun owners.  If a gun shop has the ability to limit the number of people in the store to 10 (I can't imagine this would not be possible given that Costco is able to limit the number of people entering the store), they do not have to close.  Indoor shooting ranges are specifically mentioned and are considered "non-essential" in his order, but gun shops are not mentioned and are in fact protected by law.  According to the NSSF COVID-19 INFORMATION AND RESOURCES FOR FFLS the Code of Virginia Title 44. Military and Emergency Laws: Chapter states:
3.2. Emergency Services and Disaster Law,
Nothing in this chapter is to be construed to:
...(3) Empower the Governor, any political subdivision, or any other governmental authority to in any way limit or prohibit the rights of the people to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by Article I, Section 13 of the Constitution of Virginia or the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, including the otherwise lawful possession, carrying, transportation, sale, or transfer of firearms except to the extent necessary to ensure public safety in any place or facility designated or used by the Governor, any political subdivision of the Commonwealth, or any other governmental entity as an emergency shelter or for the purpose of sheltering persons;
So, unlike New Jersey and California, Virginians are protected by the Code of Virginia from orders prohibiting gun sales.

Hat Tip Cam Edwards.

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Tim said...

That's nice but the ranges are still closed and they were included as a resource. When is that going to change? Social distancing is SOP on the range as a rule.