Thursday, February 13, 2020

Three Senate Gun Control Bills on House Public Safety Docket Friday Morning

Three of the five gun control bills that passed the State Senate prior to Crossover are on tomorrow morning's docket in House Public Safety. All three of the bills passed the Senate in a different form than they passed the House. The bills are:

SB69 Handguns; limitation on purchases, penalty. This bill includes an exemption from the one handgun-a-month limit for individuals who possess a concealed carry permit. The House bill does not include this provision. The question is will they conform the Senate bill to what passed the House.
SB263 Concealed handgun permits; demonstration of competence, effective date. Like SB69, this bill passed the House in a different form. The Senate bill did not remove references to NRA Certified Training.
SB593 Licensed family day homes; storage of firearms.

Monday's Senate Judiciary docket will be posted tomorrow. We will update members as soon as it is posted.

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