Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mayor Stoney Proposes Ordinance Victimizing Victims of Gun Thefts

WRIC News 8 reports that Richmond Mayor Lavar Stoney announced this morning a new city ordinance that would fine gun owners $125 for the first offense and $250 for a second offense of failing to report a lost or stolen firearm within 24 hours.
“We all need to play a role in keeping our communities safe, and we can no longer wait for the General Assembly to act,” Mayor Stoney said. “This piece of legislation will be another tool in the toolbox of our police department that will help reduce crime and improve public safety.”

Mayor Stoney said this ordinance would take effect ‘immediately’ upon passage by City Council.
Lamenting that the General Assembly has not done enough to curb so-called "gun violence", he said the ordinance would take effect upon passage.  Problem is, Virginia has a pre-emption law so Stoney is putting the cart before the horse on this one.

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