Monday, September 9, 2019

WaPo/ABCNews Poll Shows Majority Fear Mass Shooting in Their Community

The Hill reports  today that a new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that 60% percent of Americans said they are worried about a mass shooting in their own community.  There is a simple reason for this result, and it's not the spate of shootings that occurred over the summer.  No, it's because of the narrative pushed by the media that there is a mass shooting epidemic.  The fact is the opposite is true.
But Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox, the leading researcher on the topic for the past 35 years, tells Reason, "There is no evidence that we are in the midst of an epidemic of mass shootings." The number of incidents and casualties are simply too small to make such claims and, he stresses, the media coverage of shootings often ends up creating a false sense that gun violence—which is at or near historic lows—is ubiquitous and growing.
Listen to the entire interview that can be found in the link above.

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