Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Legislative Update - Special Session Adjourns Until November 18

Today's Special Session began with both pro-rights advocates and gun ban advocates converging on the State Capitol to make their case to state legislators. The line to enter the Pocahontas Building where legislators' offices are temporarily being housed went around the building.

Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment caused some turmoil in the Senate GOP Caucus after introducing legislation that would have allowed localities to ban firearms in municpal buildings. He later said he did not support his own legislation and had it stricken from the docket in Senate Courts of Justice. Both the House and Senate gaveled into session at 12:00 noon and by 1:30 both had adjourned until November 18th, which is almost two weeks after the November elections. Shortly after the Senate adjourned, Senate Courts of Justice met. Senator Ryan McDougal made a motion to have all of the bills on the docket re-referred to the Crime Commission for study. After some objections from the Democrats on the panel the committee voted 9-6 to refer the bills related to firearms and public safety on the docket, and any filed by July 18th, to the Crime Commission.

A similar action was taken in the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee, tabling the 17 bills on its docket and sending a letter to the Crime Commission asking it to study the issues in those bills.

The lesson to take from today is the importance of this November's election. If the slim pro-gun majorities are lost in both the House and the State Senate, every one of the bills that were listed in last night's email and the additional bills listed in the update posted on the VSSA blog this morning will become law, starting the Californication of Virginia overnight. In the coming weeks, the eBullet will include information on legislative races in which gun owners should get involved now and do all you can to help re-elect the pro-gun majorities in the General Assembly.

Thank you to every member that contacted your legislator and asked them to stand with Virginia's law abiding gun owners.

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