Friday, June 14, 2019

Why Gun Control is Not the Answer to What Happened in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has reached into the playbook of the gun ban lobby and is using the tragedy in Virginia Beach on May 31st to try and resurrect his political career and call for more gun control.  Never mind the fact that nothing he is proposing would have stopped the shooter from committing his crime.  Last Friday, Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation wrote this article and laid out the case for why gun control is the wrong answer to this shooting.
Northam’s proposals show a deep misunderstanding of the causes and mechanisms underlying gun-related violence in general, and mass public shootings in particular.

Worse, they inherently place the blame for these criminal actions on the shoulders of hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Virginia gun owners who will never use their firearms in an unlawful manner.
She goes on to point out that according to data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), data which by the way CDC declined to publicize, indicates that the number of annual defensive gun uses is likely around 1 million.  She concludes her article by pointing out law-abiding citizens are not made safer by enacting restrictions that make it more difficult to defend themselves, especially when those restrictions don’t really address the "real mechanisms of criminal gun use."   All we do is "tie one hand behind their backs" while "congratulating ourselves for having 'just done something' about gun violence."

Amy was on NRATV's Relentless with Dana Loesch to talk more about her article.

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