Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Vocal Second Amendment Supporters Pack Abington Gun Control Roundtable

In what probably illustrates why Governor Northam scheduled only one Gun Control Roundtable in western Virginia, the administration heard from a number of opponents to his gun control proposals yesterday in Abington.  WVVA has the story.  When you watch the video of the news story on WBBA's web site, you gotta love the male anchor's air quotes when he talks about what Northam calls "sensible" gun laws.
In Abingdon, Secretary of Public Safety & Homeland Security Brian Moran spoke to a crowd of people questioning the need for new laws.

Moran noted several of Northam’s proposed solutions including universal background checks and reinstating the one hand gun a month law. But many in attendance say the laws are unnecessary and infringe on their second amendment rights.

“This is confiscation without representation,” said one attendee. Many in the crowd voice how they believe all of Northam’s proposed plans will eventually lead to more control in how law abiding citizens use their guns.
Make sure if you have not contacted your State Senator or Delegate, that you make your views known to them before July 9th. 

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