Monday, June 24, 2019

Richmond Mayor Stoney Plans to Ban Firearms in City Buildings and Parks

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney held a press conference this morning and proposed banning firearms in city buildings and parks.  The Richmond Times Dispatch has the story.
Mayor Levar Stoney wants to bar people from carrying guns in Richmond-owned buildings and parks, he said Monday.

Stoney announced plans to introduce an ordinance at Monday night’s City Council meeting banning guns in City Hall, city-owned buildings, public parks and other community facilities.

If approved by the council, Stoney said the Richmond ordinance would take effect immediately – if state lawmakers grant localities the authority to ban guns in municipal buildings at the special session scheduled later this month.

“I don’t want to wait to start this process until after we’ve been granted the authority,” Stoney said at a press conference Monday morning.
Stoney all but admits he doesn't have the authority to enact such a ban unless the General Assembly approves the Governor's announced plans to introduce legislation during the July 9th Special Session to roll back statewide preemption. But, he wants to put the process in place so if that were to happen, he has the ordinance already set to go.  If you live in the City of Richmond, make your voice heard to your City Council member that you oppose Mayor Stoney's proposed ordinance.

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