Thursday, April 11, 2019

"Shaky" Dave Smith on his Gun Therapy to Fight Parkinson's Tremors

This is a really heart-warming story and shows just how the shooting sports can be therapeutic.  He call's himself "Shaky Dave" and he is a competitive shooter.  He has Parkinson's and it is simply amazing what competitive shooting has done to help him in his battle against this deadly disease.  Last night he was on Dana Loesch's NRATV Relentless program to talk about his "Gun Therapy".  He told Dana that when he started he was in a scooter but as you will see in the below interview, he now competes standing up and you see almost no signs of his Parkinson's once a firearm is in his hand. reports that he has earned a spot in the earned a spot at the 2019 World Rifle Shoot in Sweden.
Watching Smith approach a firing line, the symptoms are obvious, but once a gun is in his hands, the tremors stop, all is still. It’s part of what he calls “gun therapy,” a term he coined to describe the positive impact shooting sports has had on his life.
Watch the clip from Dana's show below.  It's a great interview!

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