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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Governor's Bill Bans Possession of "Assault Firearm" as Advertised in Jan. 4 Press Announcement

House Bill 2492, the Governor's sweeping legislation to ban so-called "assault weapons" in the Commonwealth does indeed ban possession, not just the sale and transfer of the firearms.  It does this by changing the definition of an "assault firearm" as it is currently in the Code of Virginia by including "any firearm that is equipped with a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition. This would affect most firearms on sale in Virginia.

Stephen Gutowski of the Washington Free Beacon has reported on the legislation and appeared on NRATV's Cam and Company to talk more about the Governor's proposed gun confiscation plan.  He said the Governor's office will not return his calls to answer questions of how they plan to enforce this if the bill passed.
Rest assured that the VSSA legislative team is working to defeat this an all of the gun ban legislation that has been introduced in the legislature.  Call your Delegate now and urge them to oppose HB2492! This bill should be a wake up call to all Virginia gun owners.  If we don't get involved in this year's elections, this is the type of legislation that could pass in 2020.

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