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Monday, January 7, 2019

Governor Northam Outlines Gun Control Policy For General Assembly

On Friday Governor Ralph Northam rolled out the gun control bills he will be pushing in the 2019 General Assembly. WHSV in Harrisonburg has the story here.
Included in the package of seven bills is a so-called "universal background check" bill with the goal of prohibiting the private sale of firearms, firearm confiscation without due process via so-called "red flag law", reinstate Virginia’s handgun rationing law, prohibit individuals subject to final protective orders from possessing firearms; ban modern sporting rifles; prevent children from accessing firearms; and require individuals to report lost or stolen firearms to law enforcement.  All of these proposals have failed in the past.  But Virginia's once strong pro-rights majority in the House of Delegates is down to a one member majority with the same in the State Senate.  It is not certain if Republicans will remain unified in opposing the "red flag" bill.  A similar measure was passed by the Republican majority legislature in Florida and signed by Republican Governor Rick Scott after the Parkland school shooting.  The 2019 General Assembly gavels into session on Wednesday January 9th.

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