Thursday, November 8, 2018

Gun Owners Get Win after Tuesday's Special Election to Fill Vacant House of Delegates Seat

In 2017, Virginia Democrats won 15 seats in the House of Delegates, with Republicans narrowly maintaining a majority at 51-49, which preserved the pro-gun majority by a single seat. Over the summer, Delegate Greg Habeeb resigned to focus on his personal career, setting up a special election to fill the uncompleted term.  On Tuesday, pro-gun Republican Joe McNamara defeated Democrat Carter Turner in that and keeping that crucial pro-gun majority.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk about this one bright spot in Tuesday's otherwise worrisome Virginia results. State Delegate Ben Cline won his congressional seat, so another special election will be held during the holiday season. It cannot be stated strongly enough how important it is that we begin preparing now for the off-year 2019 legislative races. Gov. Ralph Northam would be delighted to sign any gun control bill that came his way should that Second Amendment firewall fail and turn Virginia into New Jersey or California overnight.

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