Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Election Post Mortem - Predicted "Blue Wave" More of a Blue Ripple

Yesterday, the voters appear to have voted for more gridlock as they awarded continued majority control of the U.S. Senate to the GOP while the House of Representatives flipped to Democratic Control.  The latter was helped with the loss of three pro-rights representatives from Virginia - Scott Taylor in the 2nd, Dave Brat in the 7th, and Barbara Comstock in the 10th.  Both Brat and Taylor were defeated by newcomers to the electorial process while Comstock was defeated by Jennifer Wexton, an anti-rights member of the the Virginia General Assembly.

Since the beginning of this election cycle the mainstream media and the left have told us that there would be a "Blue Wave" that would give Democrats large majorities and the House of Representatives and would flip the Senate.  This was thought because the left seemed much more motivated to vote with Donald Trump in the White House.  Then, Chucky Schumer decided to destroy the reputation of a good man, Brett Kavanaugh.  Even before that occurred it has begun to look like taking control of the U.S. Senate was going to be a long shot but Schumer's strategy likely led to the defeats of Senator Joe Donnelly in Indiana, and Claire McCaskill in Missouri.

So what does all of this mean for our Second Amendment freedom in the coming two years?  Roll Call wrote this morning House Democrats plan to move forward with criminalizing private firearm sales.  Roll Call also notes that such an effort is likely to stall in the Senate as both the President and the Senate GOP have shown zero interest in any bill that could be construed as infringing upon Second Amendment rights.  All three of the Democrats that flipped seats in Virginia are on board with more restrictions on our rights, including so-called "universal" background checks, banning modern sporting rifles, and banning standard capacity magazines. While Bloomberg's fake news outlet, The Trace, tried to paint the best face on last night's returns by saying pushing gun control did not hurt them, the fact is, at least in the 7th District where I live, not one of Spanberger's television ads mentioned gun control.  In fact, almost all of them failed to even mention she was a Democrat.  I did not see any of the ads for Wexton (10th) and Luria (2nd) but Bloomberg and Gabby Giffords spent heavily in the 10th District.

What the election results do show us is we have a lot of work to do in the suburbs.  That is where House races were lost yesterday according to Roll Call and other news outlets.

In Virginia, we now turn our attention to the state legislative races that will be held in 2019 where the House of Delegates and the State Senate will all be up for re-election.  If we lose the pro-gun majorities in both houses, Virginia will look like New Jersey and California virtually overnight when it comes to gun laws.

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