Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Outdoor Hub: The Sig P365 Takes the Concealed Carry Gun Concept to a New, Needed Level has a great review of the Sig P365 pistol.  The review wastes no time in going down the list of things that are great about the pistol starting with the most important part - reliability:
In my book, nothing about my EDC gun matters more than whether it goes “bang” when I press the trigger. The P365 shines in this department. I’ve challenged it by running aluminum-cased FMJ mixed with two brands of HP in the magazine; no problem. It cycles like a champ.
The reviewer did find one issue that he considered a minor problem:
A couple of reviewers have reported extraction issues with the P365; I’ve never experienced that even under rapid fire. What I do experience consistently is a failure of the slide to lock back after the last round. This might be due to the gun’s minimalist construction—it’s the first I’ve seen not to have a slide lock notch that’s visible from the exterior of the slide, for example. I believe other components were minimized in an effort to squeeze maximum round capacity into that small space.
If you are not familiar with the latest addition to the concealed carry firearm line-up, read the entire review.

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