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Friday, June 22, 2018

VSSA High Power Rifle Shooters in Butner, NC June 8-10

VSSA High Power Rifle shooters competed at Camp Butner, NC, for the 1000 yard regional, 8-10 June.  High Power Chairman Mike Jamison sent along some photos from the weekend.

The picture below is Mike Jamison (in the red hat) shooting his 280 Bolt gun.

The second picture is Alan Lashley watching the shooting and the wind changes from the safety of the tent.  

The third picture is Marc Chicowitz shooting Mike's bolt gun.

The 4th picture is Marc shooting his antique (an M1A).
Another good shot for perspective.  That is Mike on the ground shooting 1000 yards.  Mike said "sorry, the targets are too far away to see!"
It was in the 90s all weekend and they were all "well done" by the end of the weekend.  Thanks Mike for sending the photos!

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