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Friday, February 23, 2018

We Are Under Attack

The number of companies that had partnered with the NRA to offer benefits to its members and are now ending their agreements continues to grow.  First it was the bank that handled the NRA Credit Card - First National of Omaha.  Then it was Enterprise, National, Alamo and Hertz rental car, and now Met Life.  This action is prompted by the efforts of the left-wing group Think Progress started a campaign to get companies to end their relationships with the NRA.

Gun owners need to make their voices heard.  We need to be just as active telling these companies that we will take our business to companies that support our rights.  They need to know they stand to lose more money from us than they stand to gain by ending their arrangements with the NRA.  Now is the time to make our voices heard.  Make them pay a price for their actions.

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